Frequent questions about tuxedo rentals

When should we make our tuxedo selection?

Because of popularity and the height of weddings during  certain times of the year, we suggest no less than 4 months in advance to select your styles and colors. Once the bridesmaids dress colors  have been finalized or you know exactly which tuxedo you have selected

Some of the groomsmen, fathers, etc. live out of town – How do we get tuxedos for them?

Many of our weddings have “out-of-town” attendants.  That is no problem for us!  We can instruct your wedding party where to go and be properly measured. We will provide you a list of all the measurements that we need to fit them properly. They can call us with their complete measurements and payment information. We suggest that as soon as they arrive “in-town” they come to the store for the fitting.

When should all the wedding party’s measurements be placed?

All measurements for everyone in the wedding party should be finalized no less than 10 weeks prior to the wedding date. If small children are in the wedding party, and they are experiencing a “growth pattern”, we suggest that the parents stay in contact with us and possibly a 2nd measuring 3 weeks prior to the wedding.

Can you provide tuxedos for small children and large sizes?

Yes we can!  Children must be “out of diapers” in order for us to fit them.  Our vendor has the inventory to fit a wide range of sizes.      

When will the tuxedos arrive?

The tuxedos will arrive the “Week Of” the wedding.  We will contact each person as soon as they arrive. We suggest that clients come as soon as possible to try on the tuxedo to ensure a proper fit.

What if the tuxedo doesn’t fit correctly?

We have had an incredible success rate in proper fits upon arrival of tuxedos.  However, we do have accessibility to minor alterations (Coat sleeves, Pant hems) that we can make adjustments. Also we do have availability of over-night shipping should the situation require a different item.  However it is required that the client has tried on the tuxedo no less than 36 hours prior to the wedding. We will do everything possible to make sure the entire wedding party looks it’s best! * If the measurements were given to our staff incorrectly from “out of town” clients, it will be their responsibility for alteration charges and any rush shipping fees.

If you are not planning for the wedding party to wear dress shoes, we MUST KNOW IN ADVANCE of the shoe style. We suggest that the clients wear that shoes that will be worn at the time the measurements are made. There will be additional alteration charges if we are unaware of this information.

***Once you have picked up the tuxedo, we are not responsible for making any alterations or replacements if the tuxedo has not been tried on in the store.

Can I make adjustments to the hems myself?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Any tux that has been altered by anyone other than our store staff, will result in charges of the FULL RETAIL VALUE (not rental fee) of the Tuxedo.

If you are not planning for the wedding party to wear dress shoes, we MUST KNOW IN ADVANCE of the shoe style. We suggest that the clients wear that shoe at the time the measurements are made.  We base the hem length on a traditional dress shoe sole and heel.  Those selecting alternative footwear will cause the hem to be wither too long or too short.   Please read “What if the tuxedos don’t fit”.

When do the tuxedos have to be returned?

Tuxedos must be returned to the store no later than 2:00 pm on the Monday following the weekend wedding. Should your wedding be on Thursday or Friday – you can return the tuxedos the next day. Special “Return” arrangements can be made in advance.

Tuxedos MUST be returned on the hangers just as the clients received them. Failure to properly return them will result in an additional service fee.

Any tuxedo not returned on time will be charged a FULL MSRP RENTAL FEE each day it is late or past the 2:00 pm dead line each day it is not returned.  Failure to return the tuxedo within 5 days of use will result in charges of all accumulated late fees and will also be charged the FULL  RETAIL VALUE of the tuxedo.   

Our wedding is out of town, can we rent tuxedos from you?

Yes you can.  We can discuss all of those details during your scheduled consultation.

Will the tuxedos fit like a suit?

Tuxedos are cut differently than a traditional suit. Remember that these are rental tuxedos that have to fit “average sizes”.  Our collections have Super Slim Fit, Slim Fit, & Modern Fit styles.  In selecting your wedding party attire it is best to keep in mind body types that will be wearing these.  We can fit a large range of sizes in our collections. Your sizes will be determined by of your measurements to what will best fit and comfort overall.